• Focused approach, responsiveness and commitment help in providing best security management and services to our valued clients.
  • Round the clock mobile patrols, state of the art electronic surveillance solutions and the finest security personnel in the business.
  • Our emphasis is on services as we do on security and a dedicated manager to look after your business.
  • X Vision security solutions are tailored to your needs and come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Selection of guards is made on the basis of the client’s needs and keeping their profile in view.
  • Security staff is not employed for more than 12 hour at a stretch.
  • Our security staff is well paid enabling them to deliver their best and be loyal to the organization and duty.
  • Rapid changes in the security staff is not allowed barring extreme compassionate cases with prior intimation to the client.
  • A supervisor per -10 guards is provided to ensure proper command and control.
  • A security officer is detailed where the number of guards exceeds twenty-five. The provision of security officer/supervisor enhances the overall performance and functioning of the entire security apparatus.
  • Human security barriers are further supplemented by electronic devices in the shape of metal detectors, body scanners, vehicle search mirrors, CCTV and electronic walk through gates.
  • Company maintains latest state of the art small arms permitted by the government. In house regular training of guards is conducted to the specific demands by organizations
  • All guards are fully trained, dedicated, medically fit, security cleared, insured, and registered with [EOBI] institution, social security scheme and equipped with latest weapons, effective communication and control measures.
  • Frequent liaison visits by our managers to the client’s premises are ensured for better coordination, staff efficiency and seeking feedback both from the employees and employers.
  • In addition to above, two dedicated phone lines are manned round the clock at our complaint office, and all complaints are resolved in the shortest possible time not exceeding 24 hours.
  • Mobile quick reaction response teams can be arranged on client’s demand.
  • Close liaison with local police is ensured at all times for mutually supporting responses in emergencies.
  • Ex SSG guards are available and shall be provided on demand.